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Facial cleansing is used to remove impurities, dead cells and comedones from the skin surface. It is a basic treatment, but quite important, together with a good daily skincare routine, to maintain the right functionality of the epidermis.

This treatment is carried out with specific  machines to reinvigorate and reestablish firmness of the skin and to firm up the body and facial skin.
Radio frequency is the most innovative technology dedicated to rejuvenation.

Scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of this treatment through the increase of collagen production in the medium term, but the first results are visible almost immediaely thanks to the relaxation of the skin, which appears more vigorous and smooth after the first session.


These treatments have the aim of facing specific problems through dedicated products and techniques, such as the Exfoliating Treatments, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. They're useful to contrast the effects of ageing and to obtain a visible improvement of the skin condition.


Aesthetic peeling is a light form of exfoliation obtained thanks to mild caustic products.
Aesthetic peeling smooths and improves the aspect of skin by stimulating its regeneration and the production of new collagen.

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