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Basic massage is used both in beauty and in sports or therapeutic massages thanks to the actions of kneading, friction and percussion. The benefits of basic massage involve the cardiocirculatory and lymph systems, the connective tissue, the muscular and osteoarticular apparatus and the nervous system.

Lymphatic drainage massages stimulate the lymphatic flow, speeding up the expulsion of metabolic wastes and simplifying the formation of fresh lymph.

It has a good anti oedematose effect and it stimulates the immune defences, other than just having a positive effect on microcirculation.
It helps obtaining a better oxygenation of the capillary flow with positive consequences in cellulite treatment.

It is not suitable for people suffering from pathologies such as tuberculosis or acute infections or for patients receiving chemotherapy.


The effects of stress, especially if prolonged, can raise arterial pressure, damaging the heart and the kidneys and lowering the immune system and worsening anxiety or depression.
Anti stress massages, with their antalgic and relaxing actions favour the body-mind connection, the muscular relaxation (with an immediate decrease of blood pressure) and the articular flexibility.

At Calaba you will find all the treatments recommended during pregnancy to keep your skin hydrated and flexible, to improve circulation in legs and ankles. You will also benefit from the treatments suggested after pregnancy, that have the aim of restoring tonus and preventing stretch marks and skin relaxation.

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